Buy Online Votes without PayPal

So, are you thinking to buy online votes without PayPal? Normally, we accept payments via PayPal. But, we know there are some clients who don’t have the scope to pay for online votes via PayPal. From them, we accept payments using some different payment gateways including the Western Union and the Moneygram. But for that, you need to do some manual calculation first. Our price unit is $00.08 for per 1 vote. Think how many votes do you need to win the contest and follow the below steps:

If you can pay for votes via PayPal, see our regular page of buy online votes service.

1. Again price is $00.08 for per 1 vote

2. Decide how many votes do you want to buy

3. Use a calculator to find out the total price of your targeted amounts of votes. Such as you do need 450 votes. Now, using the calculator multiply 450 by $00.08. 450 × 00.08 = $36. So, 450 vote’s price would be 36 USD.

Finally, send that amount of money to use using any of the below alternatives payment methods.

  • Western Union
  • Debit Card 
Send money to Bellow Address:
First Name: Shakir
Last Name: Ahmed
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Cell NO: +8801712650164
Unfortunately not available at this moment.

Unfortunately not available at this moment.

Unfortunately, still, now we don’t have any direct way to accept credit or debit card payment. But if you have an International master or visa credit/debit card then we can send an invoice to you. You can pay that via your card. For that email us at

Now, send us one email at to inform us your order details. Don’t forget to include payment transaction id or tracking code, voting URL and entry name. We will get back to you within 1 hour and will start providing votes for your entry.

Note: We can’t accept any payment less than $25 (USD) via the Western Union or Moneygram. So, if you want to buy online votes via western union, then you need to buy at least 312 votes at a time which price would be $25. You may use your all votes for a single contest or may use some today and rest any other time when needs. But, have you the ability to send the payment using any of the above online-based payment? If yes, you can buy any amounts of votes above 50. Need any more help regarding the issue? Contact without any hesitation.