Buy Facebook Photo Likes to Win Contest

Do you want to buy Facebook photo likes? Have you already joined or thinking to join any Facebook photo contest where need facebook picture likes to win? If yes, now you should think about collecting real Facebook likes for your photo. And we are here to help you at this point. When you can buy FB photo likes:

  • For any photo posted on your Facebook profile or page or group.
  • One-click like to your photo without liking any other photo or page or without allowing any application to like your photo.
  • Do you need to like the contest page first, then the photo by the same people? Then, the price would be double. Such as you buy 100 likes. We would provide 50 to the contest page and 50 likes to your photo by the same 50 people.
  • You can buy photo likes for any contest that needs Facebook likes.
  • For any photo posted on any website that has a Facebook like button.
  • You can buy Facebook likes for a video posted on Facebook also from this package.
  • Your profile needs to be public otherwise we can not provide likes.

Price List to Buy Facebook Photo Likes

Let’s see the price and delivery time details of this Facebook photo likes selling service. Oh, one more thing. Do you need to buy Facebook votes or likes where it needs to allow any application? See our this buy online votes to win contest service.

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    Process of Buying Facebook Photo Likes: How to buy Facebook photo likes from your site? It is very simple. Just follow the below steps:

    Decide which package you need to buy > click on Buy Now button > It will send you to the order form page > Fill-up the form with the necessary information >   place the order  using your convenient payment option

    It’s done. You will get an order confirmation email from us immediately. We get your payment and order details. We will start providing likes for your photo within 1 hour and 30 minutes of getting the payment.

    Buy Facebook Photo Likes without PayPal: Do you want to buy Facebook photo likes to win a contest without PayPal or via western union? Then Click Here to know the detailed solutions.

    Buy Odd Numbers of Photo Likes: Here, we have listed 15 packages containing 50-5000 likes. Do you want to get more Facebook photo likes than our packages? No problem. We can provide more than 15000 or more photo likes to any single photo or video. Suppose, you need 1300 likes. You can buy the first 1000 likes package then the 300 likes package. Or if you want to purchase 7000 likes then first buy a package of 5000 likes and then 2000 likes. You may contact us to get more help.

    Get Fast or Slow Photo Likes: We also set a standard delivery time for each package. But, do you need fast Facebook photo likes? We can provide 100 likes within one hour or less if you need them urgently. We will follow your schedule if you need your likes slowly.

    You can tell us your schedule (need to hurry or slowly) via the order form. Even, you can email us anytime if need to change the schedule after buying Facebook photo likes for a contest. In a word, we are free to follow your instruction to fulfill your order.

  • We have listed 16 direct packages for this Facebook photo likes service. All of our packages are for round-figured amounts of likes. Such as 50, 100, 200….up to 5000 likes. But sometimes, you may need to buy Facebook photo likes in odd numbers to look it more realistic. Such as 78 likes or 237 likes or you may need more than 5000 likes for a single photo. Then what? Here is the solution.

    You can buy these types of custom amounts of likes from us. But, you need to buy a minimum of 50 likes. Here, it needs some manual calculations and needs to send the payment manually to our PayPal account from your PayPal. Below are the ways:

    1. Price is 0.03 USD for per 1 like

    2. Decide how many Facebook photo likes you want to buy.

    3. Use the below form to find how much price of your targeted amounts of likes.

    Price of each like:

    4. Finish the calculation and pay the payment using your convenient payment methods. Don’t have PayPal? No problem. Still, you can buy Facebook photo likes from us without PayPal. Visit our pay for Facebook photo likes without PayPal page to know the detailed process.

  • Do you want to get free facebook photo likes? Get 2-3 test likes from us. It will help you to make the decision to buy facebook photo likes. Fill up and submit the below form. We will provide 2-3 likes to your photo to check the process. We will inform you within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Our Email might find in your Inbox or Spam box on your email ID. Don’t forget to check both of your inbox and spam box to find read our email.

    • You can write any message to us here about your photo. Such as entry name, liking process etc.​
    • Max. file size: 50 MB.

Client’s Feedback About Our Photo Likes Service

Before buying facebook photo likes from us you can read the reviews of our customers. A company can’t satisfy it’s 100% customers. But we try our best to serve our customers the best. So, let’s read buy facebook likes reviews first.

Wonderful Service for the Photo Likes

First time using a service like this and it was amazing. (I used it today for a personal photo). Super fast and they use very genuine-looking facebook profiles/likes. Will absolutely use it again in the future!


I am Grateful To Them For Urgent Likes

I want to give a BIG thanks whole team. I needed urgently 1500 likes in 14 hours and they managed it for me very timely on my request.


You Are The Rocks Sir!!

We joined the contest for our school fund. Used their service of facebook photo likes. We won the 2nd prize. Though we couldn't first we are grateful to your team. We got $1000 for our school. Amazing. Thank you so much royalserviceteam.


Why Should Buy Facebook Photo Likes from Us

  • You can buy facebook likes cheap from us. We also ensure the highest quality of likes.
  • Scope to order a custom amount of photo likes.
  • You can buy photo likes from us via different kinds of payment methods.
  • Your all information about buying photo likes will remain confidential.
  • We provide a 100 % money-back guarantee.
  • Scope to get free Facebook photo likes to test before buying.

Refund Policies to Buy Facebook Photo Likes Service?

We want to be clear to you about the refund or money back policy for our this service. We refund you if:

1. We fail to provide your bought amounts of photo likes for any of our reason.

2. We fail to provide your purchased likes to your targeted photo for any problem from your side. Such as your photo is private or country-restricted etc.

3. In the contest, if the authority stops or cancels the contest, we will refund you.

4. For numbers 1, 2 and 3 if already we provided any or some likes, then we would refund rest non-provided likes money. Such as you buy 100 likes. After getting 43 likes your contest authority canceled the contest. We would refund rests 100-43 = 57 like’s money.

5. If you buy facebook photo likes for the contest from us, and got disqualified or your entry got deleted for our provided likes. We will refund you the full money. In this type of case, you need to show us the official announcement URL or email where contest authority announces or informs you about your disqualification from the competition.

Please, don’t open any dispute in PayPal for the refund. But, for any kind of refund-related problem or to ask a refund, please email us at Please, contact us first to ask a refund. All-time, we prefer our client’s satisfaction. If your claim is OK, we refund your money without asking any single question.

FAQ Related to Buy Facebook Photo Likes Service:

1. Do you provide photo likes from real users?

Yes, each like we provide from such kinds of Facebook profiles who have profiles pictures, friends, bio information etc. Don’t worry about the quality of likes. You can buy real facebook photo likes from us.

2. Can I get facebook photo likes for any photo which is not related to a contest?

Yes, you can buy likes on facebook profile picture or photo posted on status or album or video or any link where has a like button.

3. Do you provide a guarantee to make me the winner of the photo contest?

If you buy photo likes for the contest from us, the answer would be NO. We do not provide any guarantee to make you the winner of any contest. We just provide the dealt amounts of likes to your targeted photo. You need to calculate about how many likes you do need to win in how much time. Purchase that amounts of likes. We will provide your bought amounts of likes within your given time. So, we are not responsible for helping you winning or losing in any way.

4. What is the guarantee of providing likes after giving you the payment?

Sir, this is an online-based business. Trust is the main word here for both sellers and clients. We have been running this service since 2010. We know that we can easily cheat on our clients. But, then we could not stay in the market for such a long time.

If we cheat on clients, then it is sure many of them will discuss our cheating on different websites. For that, we will lose many new clients. Like any other company, we also want more recommendations from old clients. These are from us about making clients trusting us. Another thing.

We take payment via PayPal and there is an option to take back money from the seller if you do not get your service. Actually, we are not finding any more words to make you trust us. Only if you think these words are OK to trust us then you can take our service. If not trustable, then please don’t buy facebook photo likes from us.

5. From which country/countries you provide the likes?

You can buy facebook photo likes of almost all countries from us. We can collect likes of USA, Canada, and others North American countries. In Europe, we have the ability to manage the likes of UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Russia and other European countries.

We do have a big connection of profiles from Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Iran, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel and others Asian and middle east countries. Do you need photo likes of Australia, New Zealand, and other countries of that area? No problem, we can help you.

We can also provide Facebook photo likes of Brazil and other South American countries. We have a huge connection with African countries such as South Africa, Libya etc. In a word, we have the ability to provide likes from almost all over the world.

6. How long will your provided photo likes stay?

We provide likes from real users. But, sometimes some Facebook users may deactivate facebook (their account) or may get ban from Facebook. For that, we tell 99% of our provided likes will stay for a long time. Do not worry, if need we will replace the dropped likes.

7. What are your payment methods to buy facebook photo likes?

PayPal is our primary payment method. Other payment processors we use are the credit card via PayPal and Skrill. These all are online payment processors. Don’t have any scope to pay for facebook photo likes via any of them? For you, we accept the Western Union or MoneyGram. See our this buy photo likes via western union page.

8. After paying, when will I see likes are coming to my photo?

Within 1 hour, we start promoting your photo URL to get the likes. From our experiences, we can ensure you that, within 1 hour and 30 minutes you can see that likes are coming to your photo. Do you need more fast likes? For quick likes, we start immediately after getting the payment. Email us at for the quick photo likes.

9. Can I buy 50 facebook photo likes?

Yes. But no package less than 50 likes. You can not buy 10 facebook photo likes from us. Or minimum package starts with 50 likes.

10. Is my buying likes for facebook photo confidential?

Yes, your photo likes buying is 100% confidential. If you don’t tell anyone, then no one will know about this. We never leak or publish any information about our clients. You can buy facebook photo likes from royal service team without any hesitation.

11. Can I buy Facebook photo likes on holidays or weekend?

The great thing that we don’t have any holiday. We are ready to serve you 24 hours 7 days and 365 days. You can buy photo likes from us each and every day of the year.

12. Can I buy Facebook photo likes fast as my contest is ending soon?

For quick Facebook photo likes, we are the rock!! Sometimes we can provide 1000 likes in 2 to 3 hours. To get urgent likes to your photo, first, contact us or email us at with the URL where need likes. Very soon, will talk to you to proceed it.

13. Is it possible to buy facebook post likes from you?

Yes. See our this buy facebook status likes service for the details.

14. Can you split my likes to 2 or more photos or 2 or more different contests?

Yes, that is possible. Such as you buy 100 facebook photo likes. You can ask us to provide 60 likes to one photo and 40 likes to another photo. This is an example. You can split your 100 likes to a maximum of 5 photos.

Use the “Any Other Message” box of the order form to write the photo URLs and how you want to split your likes. Even, you may use some likes today and rest bought likes after 6 months or later when you need. Just email us at

15. Can I get an Invoice to buy Facebook photo likes?

Yes, you can. If you need an invoice before purchasing Facebook photo likes, send us your PayPal email id at including how many likes you need. We will send you a PayPal invoice there.

We will start providing likes when you will pay that invoice. But if you need a normal invoice, pay us first. After that, inform us to our that email id. We will generate a paid invoice and will forward you.