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Looking to buy online votes? Look no further! We offer a unique, fast, and cheap service that will get you the votes you need to win the competition. Our unique voting system is undetectable and 100% secure. You can be sure your purchasing with us will be confidential. So you can buy contest votes for any competition anytime you want! Place your order today and see the difference we can make!

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It’s no secret that you must have much support to win online contests. Most people collect them by asking their friends and family members. But, always it is not easy to get so much support in this way. That’s where buying online contest votes come in. It’s a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to win an online giveaway.

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You are just 2 steps away to be a winner! Purchase contest votes and WE ARE READY TO START JUST NOW!

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    How to get votes for a contest?

    Decide which package you want to buy  > click on Buy Now Button > you will be redirected to the Order Form Page > write the necessary data in the form > Select the payment method > Place the order.

    It’s simple, isn’t it? We get your order details. Instantly, we will send you a confirmation message about placing your order successfully. Within one hour and thirty minutes (normally more quickly), you will see results are coming from our side.

    Buy odd amounts:

    We have listed 10 packages above from 100 to 3000. But, we can provide more than 20000 to any single entry name/contestant. You may need more than 10000 (such as 12000). Or you may think of buying more than 5000 (such as 5300). In that case, you need to buy your targeted package twice or thrice according to your needs.

  • Some clients want to buy odd numbers of votes to look more realistic. Such as, you may wish to purchase 139 for your entry. But, we don’t have any direct package for that. No worries. You can buy any amount from us above 100. But how? Below are the solutions for that:

    1. Rate is 0.08 USD per 1 vote

    2. Decide the amount you want to buy.

    3. Now, use the below form to calculate the price and pay for that.

    Price of each vote:

    Custom Vote Order


    Total Price in USD:

    4. Now pay us and we will start voting within 1.30 hours.

  • Get test votes for online contest:

    You can get votes for online contest free from us to test. We understand that not everyone has a big budget. Before purchasing, you can request us to get 4/5 test promotions from us to test the quality of our service. Just fill up this form!

    • Max. file size: 8 MB.

Buy Real Online Votes:

You get more than just a vote when you buy online contest votes from us. Actually, you’re getting our commitment to increasing the possibility of winning it. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. Always, we provide real votes from real different IPs.

We use a manual process that will help you to win the contest. So, whether you’re looking to increase your position in a beauty, cooking, or any other online competition, we can help you.

Buy Contest Votes Cheap:

If you’re looking for a cheap way to win, you’ve come to the right place. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We can ensure you’re getting a great deal when you buy from us. Plus, we offer discounts for bulk orders, so the more you buy, the more you save!

Quality Contest Votes:

Just because you can buy online votes cheap doesn’t mean our quality is. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services. All our support is from real people, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services. So if you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

Buy Fast Contest Votes:

Besides being cheap, our contest voting services are also fast. We offer a quick and easy voting process to give you fast votes. Such as, we can supply 1000 in an hour if clients need them urgently. So if you’re looking to buy online votes, don’t wait – place your order today!

Buy Bulk Votes for Online Contests:

We have listed some packages to sell up to 3000. That doesn’t mean we can’t provide more than that amount to a single entry. We can provide up to 20 thousand if needed. It depends on the nature of the competition. Let us know how many you need, and we’ll make it happen!

As we mentioned above, we offer discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for a custom quote, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a competitive price. 

Buy Facebook Votes:

Looking to buy Facebook contest votes? We can help! We offer a variety of voting packages. Whether you want to win a Facebook poll, Facebook app, or likes competition, we can help you. All time we use different unique IPs to increase your position in the race.

Buy Strawpoll Votes:

You can also get real Straw poll Voting support from us. The straw poll is one of the best online voting platforms with millions of users. If you’re looking to win your next straw poll competition, we can help! We never use automatic online voting bot. Rather we provide high-quality support from different IP addresses that help you take the first place.

Buy Email Verification Votes:

Email competitions are more complicated than normal ones. Here it needs to sign up with the real email and verify that to support the targeted entry. Sometimes, there might be required to solve the captcha.

However, we have a team of experienced professionals who know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can buy email verify votes you need to win your next competition.

Buy Instagram Votes:

We also offer a real Instagram voting service from different unique IPs. If you want to win your next IG contest, we can help you with real IG profiles.

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Buy Twitter Poll Votes:

Twitter is another popular platform for poll arrangements. That’s why we have added Twitter promotion services. You can buy twitter votes also. Buying twitter poll votes from us ensures you win it.

Buy Woobox Votes:

If you’re looking for a way to get ahead to win your next woobox contest, look no further than our woobox voting services! We offer a variety of voting packages to help you succeed, including woobox poll votes. Like our other services, here we use a manual process with unique IPs.

Buy IP Votes:

If you need to buy IP votes for contest, we can help! As we mentioned before, we can provide country-targeted IP-based promotion services. It means we can do that if you want to buy USA IP votes. Or, if you need to buy UK IP votes, you can buy from us.

We have a team of professionals who are experts in this field. Whether you need support from different countries or want to increase your chances of winning, we can help you.

Buy Poll Votes:

We can help you win any poll, including polldaddy, youtube, amazon, or any other online poll. No worry about the IPs. We use different IP addresses. Our dedicated team can provide so fast support if you needed.

Buy Online Votes Reviews


We have served many clients since 2010 by providing voting services. Normally, all clients don’t write reviews. But, many of them expressed their feedback about us. Here you can read some buy contest votes review from our past clients.

Buy Online Votes

FAQ Related to Buy Online Votes


Why do I need to buy votes for a contest?

You might need to buy it for several reasons. It could be that you’re trying to win a prize or that the competition is important to your career or business. Most contests are won by the entry with the most votes. Therefore, if you want to win, getting as many votes as possible is important. One way to get achieve this is to buy them.

By buying votes for online competition, you can ensure that you have a winning advantage over your competition. Whatever the reason, it’s important to ensure that you’re buying online votes from reputable sources.

You also need to be sure that they don’t use any auto vote app and not fake accounts created by bots. We, the royal service team, can ensure you provide the best quality services to win your competition.

If you don’t want to purchase but want to get more by yourself, you can follow the below method. (In this method, you won’t be able to collect enough support though)

Where could I buy votes for online contests?

Several companies offer their promotional services to win a variety of different contests. However, it is important to know that many of these services don’t use real accounts and unique IPs. Surely you can buy votes from royalserviceteam! We offer high-quality, real votes from different IP addresses. We never use any auto vote bot script.

Do you provide any guarantee to make me the winner?

We do not provide any guarantee to help anyone to win. We just deliver the bought amounts of services according to your given schedule. This is a game, and you need to plan by yourself to win it. You need to think about how many you may need to be in the first in how much time.

Buy that amount from us. We will provide that exact amount (most of the time more) within your given time frame. We may suggest a strategy from our past experiences. But, you are the final person who needs to take the decision.

Can I buy SMS verification votes?

Unfortunately, we can’t help in mobile/text verification competitions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. But, you can look at our other promotion services to win the next competition! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order and win the contest now!

If you have any questions about our buy online votes service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with the highest level of service and perfection. Thank you for choosing us!