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Are you thinking to buy facebook likes for status or posts to attract more people to you or your business? Really, this is a unique idea to grow social credibility. Or you may in the need to buy facebook post likes to win a competition. We can help to get more status likes in a natural way. First of all, read the below points to know when and why should you buy FB post likes:

  • You should buy facebook likes for status to impress real visitors to read your status carefully. If anyone sees that you have a status update with many likes then it is sure he will feel interested in that post.
  • Buying facebook status likes for an e-commerce site may help to increase sales. If a potential visitor finds a post about a product with lots of likes then sure it will make him impressed to buy that product.
  • You can use this service for any kind of status including text, photo, or video of your personal profile or group or facebook fan page.
  • Your profile, group, or page must need to be open for all ( no country restriction or private in profile) as we can increase post likes there.
  • To get likes for your upcoming status regularly just buy now and then inform us after posting a new status. We will provide your requested likes.
  • You can buy Facebook video likes also from this package.


Packages to Buy Facebook Likes for Status

Below, we have listed the price and time for 100 to 5000 post likes. But if you need Facebook likes for your photo for a contest or any other reason then you can see this buy facebook photo likes page.

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The process of Buying Facebook Likes for Status: How to buy Facebook likes for status from our site? You can buy using below simple steps:

Decide which package you need to buy > click on Buy Now button > It will send you to the order form page > Fill-up the form with the necessary information >   place the order  using your convenient payment option

Nothing need to do from your side. We will send an order confirmation email instantly to your email. As we get the order details so we start promoting your status. Hope, you will see likes are getting to your post within 2 hours.

Buy Facebook Likes for Status without PayPal: No scope to pay via PayPal? Do you want to pay for facebook post likes without PayPal or via western union? Then Click Here to know the detailed solutions.

Buy Odd Numbers of Post Likes: We have 15 packages to buy 50 to 5000 status likes. If you need to get more status likes than our packages then what to do? No problem. We have the ability to provide 15000 or more post likes to any single status or video. Please contact us to get more help regarding the issue.

Get Fast or Slow Status Likes: See, we have a standard delivery time for each of our packages. But, do you want instant facebook likes for status? Our team can help to get more than 100 likes within one hour or more quickly if you need. If you need likes in more slowly/want to split the likes in more days then just tell us your schedule and we will provide likes according to your time. Just send us one email at


Client’s Feedback About Our Facebook Post Likes Service


Before buying facebook status likes from us you may read some reviews from our clients. More than 900 clients purchased our post likes service in the last few years. Sorry to say we could not make happy our 100% clients. We think no company can do this. Many of our clients have written reviews for us. So, let’s read buy facebook likes for status reviews first.

One of the Best Post Liker!!!

I bought 200 likes and got them accurately. I was in need of getting fast likes and they delivered within 20 minutes of posting the status. Fantastic status likes seller.


Tremendous Status Likes Provider

My likes came almost instantly and it impressed all of my friends. I am getting help tremendously from them. THANK YOU - IT WORKS.

Chery Ann

OWA!!! It was Amazing

It was my first service purchased from online. I have increased 1500 likes with the help of them and helped me to win a contest!!!!


Why Should Buy fb Status Likes from Us


  • Scope to buy Facebook posts likes cheap in price but high in quality.
  • You can ask us to provide instant likes just after posting the status.
  • Option to get facebook likes status free as a trial to test our quality.
  • We provide 100% real like with replacement if our likes dropped.
  • You can ask 100% money-back if our provided likes dropped from your post permanently.


FAQ Related to our Facebook Post Likes Service:


1. Do you provide post likes from real users?

Each like for your status will go from such kinds of Facebook users who have the profile picture, friends, profile info etc. And yes they have also friends on facebook. So, you can buy real facebook post likes from us.


2. How will you know that under which status of my page or profile need likes?

While ordering post likes you need to fill up an order form. There you need to us to which status you want the likes. If you want to use our purchased likes later, then you will just need to send us one email when need the likes. We will provide likes to your targeted likes.


3. How can I find out the direct link of my targeted or any status?

Click on Time under the name who posted the status such as 2 minutes ago, 3 hours ago, yesterday, 24th march etc. Keep an eye on the browser URL. See that link will change. Now just copy the link from the browser. That is the direct link of that status. See the below image to understand it better:


4. Can I buy facebook status likes for any of my old posts?

Sure. A post is new or old that is not a matter. Following the above method just get the direct URL or your targeted post and send us that URL to provide likes there.


5. Is this service only for fan page status or also for personal profile status?

We do not have any limit. We can provide likes to any post where have a like button. So you can use our this service for posts of your personal Facebook profile or page, business page or even for group post.


6. Can you split my purchased post likes into different statuses?

Sure we can. Such as you bought 300 likes for facebook status from us. You can tell us to provide these likes to the different status. We can split every 100 likes to each maximum of 5 status or links. Even, you can use our likes for future posts. Just email us when need to use the likes. We will keep the calculation of balancing likes in the email.


7. Will your provided likes stay for a long time under my post?

If you do not delete that status then our provided likes will not go anywhere. Rare case but sometime some users may deactivate their profile. In that case, 2/3 likes may drop. Do not worry. If need, we will replace the dropped likes.


8. Can I buy Facebook post likes for my any of status with video or photo?

From our side, we do not have any restrictions. All the time we say that we can provide likes to any post where have a like button. That post may contain text or photo or video that is not a matter for us.


9. Is it possible to buy facebook post likes the USA from you?

Yes. Actually, you can buy targeted post likes from us for more countries. Such as you can buy facebook status likes UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Singapore, France and from many more countries. We have the ability to target almost all countries.


10. What is your payment method to buy facebook likes for status?

Our primary payment method is PayPal. You can also buy facebook post likes without PayPal. We also accept credit card via PayPal and skrill. These all are online money transaction systems. If you do not have any scope to use any of them then you can buy facebook status likes via western union or MoneyGram. See this page to know more regarding the issue.


11. Can I buy instant facebook post likes from you?

We do not use any bot to provide post likes. Rather we use the manual method to get more post likes to your status. So we can not provide real instant likes. Such as 1000 likes within 5 minutes. But if you need fast likes, just tell that in the order form and we will start the processing within a few minutes. We can provide 200 or more likes to any status within one hour.


12. After sending the payment when will I see likes are coming to my post?

We normally take 1 hour to start promoting to get likes to your status. So within 1 to 1.30 hours, you will see that likes are increasing. But if you need quick likes then we start just after getting the payment from you. In that case, you will see likes are coming more quickly.


13. What is your money-back policy for this service?

Yes, we have a money-back policy for this service. If we fail to provide your purchased amounts of likes for any of our or your reason then we will refund your money without any question. But if we have already provided some likes then we will refund the price of rests likes. Such as you ordered 100 post likes. We provided 65 likes. Then we will refund the rest 35 like’s money. Hope it is clear to you. Instead of opening a dispute on PayPal please, contact us to get a refund.


Can you send me an Invoice to buy facebook likes for status from you?

If you need a due invoice then we can send only a PayPal invoice. If you want to pay for facebook post likes through an invoice then send us your PayPal email id. We will send an invoice there as you can pay. But, if you want to get a paid invoice to keep a proof for yourself then email us details. We will generate a paid invoice for you. For both please send us an email at