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We sell votes for online contest. Our service is available for facebook and all sorts of online contest. The aim of our service is the client’s satisfaction and trust. For this reason we provide buy facebook vote service with in time. As a result we are dependable to clients. You don’t have to worry about our service. We are always working for our client’s satisfaction. Our clients need is our need. That is what we believe. This is how we take the right decision. Therefore if you want to buy facebook votes and looking for an organization. We are the organization you are looking for. We know how to make votes on facebook reliable. Then you should buy facebook votes from us.

We are reliable because:
• First, we work 24/7 hours.
• Second, we can give 100% refund.
Select a package from the buy facebook vote packages. You can check our buy contest vote review before your decision.
How to buy facebook vote form us?
We have simplified and shown the order replacing process for you convenience. You can see a table of buy facebook vote packages. Our client can select any package they like. The table is to illustrate the costs and packages of buy facebook votes. Then you can fill out a short form. Now write your name, URL and details accordingly. Click the buy now button. Next a bank payment page will open up. Click continue, then click pay to complete the process. In relation to your payment we will start our process in 80 minutes.
Refund policy
Refund policy is applicable only when the conditions below follow:
1. If the contest is cancelled by the contest organizer.
2. If there is a restriction or difficulty with the URL.
3. If you are disqualified from the contest for any reason.
4. If we fail to supply votes according to your instructions.
5. For rule first, second, third, and fourth conditions apply for refund. If we have started to deliver votes we will refund for the votes we couldn’t provide. Suppose you are participant of a contest. Hence you decide to buy votes from our service. We started to supply you with votes for contest. At this point you realize you are not happy with our service. Then you cancel your order. Even so we will refund the product. However we will refund for the votes we couldn’t supply. For example, if you have bought 200 votes. We supplied with 80 votes then,
You will get a refund for 120 votes.
6. However if you get disqualified from the contest because of our votes. In such case we will refund your money 100% back. Significantly remember to show the URL or email that confirms your disqualification.
• In any case do not bank dispute the refund money. Please contact via email. Our customer manager representative will contact you. He will discuss everything about the refund in detail. Then he will make sure to return you your money in 24 hours.
FAQ about buy facebook votes
1. Do I need to share my facebook password for buy facebook vote?
Ans: Not at all. We don’t ask for your password or you personal information. You will need to send us your photo or contest URL. In addition to that send us your instructions. Then we can send you facebook votes accordingly. Suppose we need to select a category to send you votes. You can write down the category name and send it to us.
2. How long will it take for the buy facebook vote order to be complete?
Ans: We are ready to supply votes right away. However for your safety and security we have fixed time each package. Your safety is our highest priority. So we thought about all the possibilities and fixed time for buy facebook vote packages. Even so if you want votes faster you can email us at
3. Is buy facebook votes allowed in a contest?
Ans: Yes, you can use buy facebook vote for contests. Above all it increases your chance to win. First and foremost you are busy for contest. Therefore you can’t advertise for yourself. For this reason you need someone to advertise for you. Hence you ask us to help you with this matter. Now we will advertise for you in social media. As a result you will pay for our services.
4. How can we pay for our order for buy facebook vote?
Ans: You can use many services to pay us. We thought of our client’s convenience in payment. You can use bank, western union,skril, credit, debit card, page etc. any of these service can be used. In any case if you need to know anything while placing order. Then you can contact us at
5. Can we ensure that you will win the contest?
Ans: No, we cannot guarantee your victory. After all we cannot decide who will win. Hence we cannot ensure that you will win. All we can do it suggest how many likes you should buy. In addition we can tell you how many votes you need to win. If our clients wants a certain number of votes. We will value his decision. Ultimately it’s the client who should decide whether to take a risk or not. Then we will supply votes according to the order.
6. If I buy vote and get disqualified from the contest, will your organization refund the money?
Ans: Unfortunately, if such an incidence occurs we will refund completely. But such a problem has never occurred. We never use automatic software voting system. All our votes are real. They are real facebook users across the world. Therefore our votes are organic. So the software system cannot detect them. There are many who took help from our service. We helped them to win the contest.
7. Do you accept order for all sorts of contests?
Ans: Yes, we supply votes for all online contests. Your photo for contest is visible and public and it is not restricted. Then we can give you votes.
8. How long will the contest votes remain in the account?
Ans: As long as the contest is running, our votes will remain in the account. We will not remove the votes as long as the contest information remains. This information will be there until a contestant won the competition. As long as the contest is open the information will be there. So our votes will be there as well.
9. What if my entry name is canceled after the contest ends?
Ans: This never happens. This is a rare case. It may only happen if the contest organizer has a fault in the system. In this case we cannot help you. We cannot refund your money. Our organization cannot take that responsibility. Hence the client has to contact the contest organizer. Only they can help in this matter.
10. Where do you get votes on facebook?
Ans: We have real facebook users around the world. They are active users. They give the votes and likes. This is our process to distribute votes. Therefore we don’t use a software or robot for voting. We will give you votes in the same way.
11. How will I know you have received the payment?
Ans: if the requirement is complete. You have sent the money to us. We will send you a notice. This way you can check all the details. Therefore you can contact us for any queries. We will send another mail after the order is complete. You can check the product and confirm that the order is complete.

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