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If you have a website and already inserted a Facebook like button to that site then you can Buy Facebook Website Likes from us. Before buying website likes please, read the below things:

  • A Facebook like button is already inserted with your website/ targeted link.
  • If not inserted then see this video to know how can you do this.
  • Be sure that these likes are not for your fan page but like for your webpage.
  • We do not provide any guarantee to increase the sales or visitors by these likes. But the maximum time you will get popularity with these FB likes.
  • It will attract new visitors to your site or product. If they see that already many Facebook users liked your webpage then it is sure they will be impressed to read your site or trust to buy your product.


Prices to Buy Facebook Website Likes


But if you have a fan page then you can see our this buy Facebook post likes service to increase the likes of your fan page status or wall post to impress the fans or friends about your status.


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Important Notice


  • We can provide 50 to 5000 likes to any single product or website or links to your webpage. So if you want to purchase more than 5000 Facebook likes for a single webpage then contact us
  • We can also provide 1000 likes in less than 20 hours or more quickly if you need them quickly. So if you need urgent likes, inform us.
  • But if you need likes more slowly/want to split the likes in more days then no problem. Tell us your time and we will provide likes according to your time. Our email id is


Client’s Feedback About Our Website Likes Service


Before buying Facebook likes for websites from us you should read some reviews from real clients. We provided facebook likes to more than 2000 websites so far. Many of our clients expressed their feelings with us about this service. We are going to post some of them below as you decide to buy FB likes for a website.

Superb!!! Really RST is the Best for Web-page Likes

I found around three months ago when I was searching to get some quick likes for my 2 sites. First I bought only 100 likes to test and asked them to provide these in 1 hour as I needed urgently....yes they provided these in 25 minutes!!!!



FAQ Related to Buy Facebook Likes for Website


1. Likes from real Facebook users who have profile pictures and friends?

Each like for your website will go from such kinds of Facebook users who have profile pictures. And yes they have also friends on Facebook.


2. Can you provide likes to any kind of website?

If there has a Facebook like button on your webpage then we can provide likes there. Your website may in WordPress or Joomla or Html or PHP or any platform based that is not the problem. You can buy Facebook likes for any kind of website.


3. Can you split my bought likes to the different pages of my website?

Sure, we can. Such as you bought 100 likes from us and you want to get these likes to 3 or 4 pages of your site then send us these page’s links via the order form. You can ask to split every 100 likes to a maximum of 5 links/pages of your website.


4. Will your provided likes to stay for a long time on my website?

If you will not delete your page then our provided likes will stay forever in your site. Do not worry about it.


5. What is your payment method to buy Facebook website likes?

Our primary payment method is PayPal. But we also accept credit cards and skrill. These all are online money transaction system. But if you have no way to pay us via these then we accept western union.


6. Can I buy website likes via western union or MoneyGram?

Yes, you can. To know more about how to pay us to buy Facebook photo likes to win contests visit this Custom Order page or contact us via live support or via this contact form.


7. After sending payment when will I see likes are increasing on the website?
We normally take 1 hour to start promoting to get likes to your photo. So within 1 to 1.30 hours, you will see that likes are increasing. But if you need quick likes then we start just after getting the payment from you for likes for your webpage.


8. What is your money-back policy about this service?

Yes, we have a money-back policy. If we fail to provide your bought amounts of likes for any of our reason or your reason then we will refund your money without any question. But if we already provide some likes then we will refund the price of rests likes. To solve this kind of issue please contact us.


9. Can you send me an Invoice to buy this service?

We can send the only PayPal invoice. If you need then just email us your PayPal email id saying how many likes you need at then we will create and send an invoice for that. We will start providing likes after getting paid.

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