5 Easy Ways on How to Win an Online Voting Contest 2021

How to Win an Online Voting Contest
So you want to win an online voting contest? Great! I’ve got you covered with this article. You’ll discover five simple techniques to win an online voting contest. I have managed thousands of online competitions over the last ten years. So, I know how to play in this sector. However, these tips will increase your chance of winning the prizes of the online contests you entered. Let’s get started.

1: Ask Your Relatives to Vote for You:

This is the first strategy you can use to increase the number of votes for your contest entry. Asking your relatives and friends online is the simplest method to achieve this. I know it can feel awkward at first, but don’t think of it as begging for votes! Friends and family are vital, and they can assist you in gaining votes for contest entry.


They may not vote for you if they are unaware of your campaign, but they will most likely vote for you if they are aware of it. Never underestimate the influence of your friends and family when it comes to winning an online competition. They alone might not be enough to make you the winner of a contest but it is sure their votes will increase your chance of winning. One of my clients was able to collect over 433 votes from his family and friends circle alone in a contest! You just have to know how to convince people to vote for you. Why don’t you give it a shot?

2: Use Facebook to Gain more Contest Votes:

Another common question I heard often from clients that how to get votes on Facebook? Facebook is an excellent way to stay in touch with your friends and family. It’s also a great source to get votes for your contest entry! You can use Facebook in different ways to promote your contest.


Posting your contest entry on your Facebook timeline will attract your FB friends to vote for you. Be sure that your post is public as others also can share it to gain more votes on your contest entry. One way to do this is to write a post that says something like “vote for me” or “I need your vote”, then include the link on your profile and in the text of the post itself so people can easily click it from their newsfeeds.


Many people join different Facebook vote exchange groups where they vote for one another to win contests. But before you do this, make sure that your contest’s rules allow it. This is a wonderful approach to gain more votes if the group does not have any additional requirements besides giving votes in return! You can use Facebook or Google search boxes to find these types of voting exchange groups. Especially this is a great way to win Facebook photo contests.

3: Use Twitter to Win Online Contest:

You can’t believe how many people are winning online contests by simply tweeting using the relevant hashtags like “vote for me”, “vote exchanges” and others. Just type these phrases on Twitter, I’m sure you will be amazed at what a simple tweet can do! You have an opportunity to reach tons of other users who also want votes too. Simply make connections with them to win your contest easily – it’s as easy as that! As a bonus, you will also get a lot of new contest news where you can enter to win more prizes using Twitter. Don’t be late!

4: Use Vote Exchange Forums to Gain more Votes:

These are not Facebook-based vote exchange groups but forums or websites from where you can exchange your votes with others. There are many sites that offer this service, but not all of them work accurately. Some forums also ask for payments for more votes. You have to cautious to find out the forums which are suitable for you. The idea is very simple. You have to vote for others to collect more points and you can use these points to collect more votes for your entry. Once you have collected so many points, you will see that auto votes are coming for your entry and these are the real votes!


Instead of recommending a particular forum, I would request you to search on google for that. I have a quick search for you here. Some of the sites have a huge database of over 10,000 voters who are constantly searching for exchange votes daily. Easily you can get 1000 votes using these sites. Again, be careful about the rules of your contest. Your search on how to get votes online should be ended now after seeing this easy method. You just have to be care full of not to do any vote cheating with the contest admin. In a fair process, you can get as many votes as possible that is not a problem.

5: Buy Contest Votes from Experts:

If you want to follow the most simple strategy to win vote, then this method is perfect for you. When you are in a small contest with just a few hundred votes, then some of the above tips might work. But when you need thousands of votes for the contest, then you will need to hire professionals or find other ways. Or if you don’t have enough time to do all of the above processes then you can hire them to collect votes for your entry. Sometimes, you may also need to get online votes fast, and in that case, you may need help from professionals.


There are several companies that sell contest votes and can quickly collect a large number of votes for you to win your desired contest. The pricing range is determined by the contest’s nature. In most cases, you’ll have to pay roughly $8 for every 100 votes. So, you have to be very calculative. If the prize for your contest is significant or prestigious, only then you should buy votes for online contest to win it.


Before, selecting a company, read their previous customer reviews and their terms and conditions. Some companies offer a full refund if your votes are not counted while others don’t. Some voting companies do online votes cheat while others provide real contest votes. This is your contest, so you have to very careful to get votes for online contests and win them.


Some other ways to win an online voting contest:

You might also print flyers and distribute them around your school, office, or neighborhood to encourage people to vote for your contest entry. This strategy is particularly useful to get online votes for small contests focused on a certain area. You can also use some other social media such as Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, telegrams, etc to collect votes and win contests.

I had the opportunity to work with a large number of people regarding winning the contest. The maximum time we were able to get more than 1000 votes for free utilizing the methods described above. In March 2021, one of my Australian clients won a car in a local competition. To collect all the votes, he used the vote exchange forums, social media, and his friends and family members. I’ve known him since the beginning, and it was a fantastic journey for both of us to win the contest.


However, before you start getting votes, make sure that you have read the rules of the contest. For some contests, you can get votes from anyone. But for others, only your friends and family members can vote for you. Some contests allow everyone to vote in general, but not a specific entry. So, first, read the rules of your contest and then apply accordingly.



When people ask me “how to win an online voting contest?” I generally answer that getting as many votes for your entry as possible is the best strategy to win an online voting contest. It’s a good idea to ask the support of your relatives, friends, and family members for contest votes. They are more likely than anybody else on the internet to vote for you.


If you know someone who has a lot of Facebook or Twitter followers, it might be a good idea to reach out to them as well. Especially if these platforms are part of the competition’s focus (i.e., raising awareness about social issues). If none of these ways are enough, you can consider hiring companies who have special skills to collect cheap but real contest votes for you. However, using all of the discussed methods, you can easily win any Online Voting Contest.

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